Need a Product Reviewed?

I love to try new products and share my honest opinion.

Needing to get your product out there?  Well I will share my opinion on my blog, facebook, twitter, forums, and word of mouth.  Sharing your companies website, facebook page, twitter handle, and even your blog if you have one.  I feel people tend to take others opinions on a product seriously.  I have went to many blogs and have went with their opinions on a product or service they reviewed.  If it's a genuine and honest opinion then I like to take their word for it. 
  I have noticed a lot of bloggers putting their opinion about a product but not going to much in depth of it.  Well I have a family of 6 and would love to involve them as well. 

If you are wanting to get a review out there Please feel free to contact me @  EMAIL

I currently have 638  make that 934 twitter followers and 3382 friends on Facebook and belong to 5200 Pages and Groups.

Rebecca Parsons

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