Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shoe Dazzle

Here is a shoe site for women that you can get designer shoes for a cheaper price.  You can also earn 200 points credit for everyone that signs up Here

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looking for Coupons

Check out my sections Coupon Sites and Coupon Find, both great sources for finding coupons.  When all else fails go to your facebook page look, do a search and type in your favorite products and there is usually a coupon available, if not check back often because they will eventually have one!!

 Happy couponing!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kellogg’s – Home of cereals; breakfast foods; snacks; recipes

Kellogg’s – Home of cereals; breakfast foods; snacks; recipes

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Again with the coupon craze!  I know some people are getting tired of hearing about it, but I for one hope people learn through all of this its a way to save your family money pure and simple. 
Why does everyone think a person who uses coupons is greedy, a hoarder, a slacker, an extreme couponer?  Well because the show "Extreme Couponing"!  We are all not like that! I'm happy for you if you have a family 4 or more and don't have to use coupons.  I do use them and my husband has a pretty decent job, believe me I'm not bragging.  I am merely saying that we have a blended family of 7 total and times have been tough even with his blessing of a job. I wish I was smarter or wiser  when the kids were younger and used coupons then, I can imagine the college savings we could have had.  Its not about getting something for free when you don't need it, its about saving that money for the future.  I have to honestly say I just got back into using coupons and am just learning how to do it "right".   And yes I believe there is a right way to coupon, but hey opinions are like butts everyone has one!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We all use or have used them from time to time.  I have to be honest I quit using them for a few years, but with one daughter heading to college it seemed like money was getting tighter than before.  My oldest said mom you are obsessed with coupons, my response was you feed a family of 7 on 1 income.  She was quiet after that! I have to also say that the show "Extreme Couponing" was a great inspiration to me getting back into it.  Although my opinion of that show is its unrealistic to think you can save like the people on there did.  First of all the stores all have policies to against most of the practices the people on the show did.  And realistically who really goes out and has 5 to seven shopping carts loaded down with things that more than likely they don't use and won't ever use.  Even if its free or super cheap, if I'm not going to use it I don't need it.  Which also leads me to also say that this show has made stores change their policies and for those of us that do occasionally find that really good deal we can no longer take advantage of it like we used to. Ok off my soap box now!

I will occasionally post a great deal or coupon that I find or that has been shared with me because I believe that sharing leads to great deals for all!!