Monday, June 20, 2011


Again with the coupon craze!  I know some people are getting tired of hearing about it, but I for one hope people learn through all of this its a way to save your family money pure and simple. 
Why does everyone think a person who uses coupons is greedy, a hoarder, a slacker, an extreme couponer?  Well because the show "Extreme Couponing"!  We are all not like that! I'm happy for you if you have a family 4 or more and don't have to use coupons.  I do use them and my husband has a pretty decent job, believe me I'm not bragging.  I am merely saying that we have a blended family of 7 total and times have been tough even with his blessing of a job. I wish I was smarter or wiser  when the kids were younger and used coupons then, I can imagine the college savings we could have had.  Its not about getting something for free when you don't need it, its about saving that money for the future.  I have to honestly say I just got back into using coupons and am just learning how to do it "right".   And yes I believe there is a right way to coupon, but hey opinions are like butts everyone has one!!!

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