Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Up on my soap box for a minute.

Ok so I sign up for several giveaways. It's a good thing, this is not my rant lol. Anyway, I follow every Facebook Like, every Twitter, and every single thing. Well here is my issue. Everyone on Twitter is only allowed 2000 follows and then a certain percent of people following you added on to that. Well there has been giveaways that want you to follow 100's of people on twitter. And I try to visit every single blog I can and add them as well. Well wham it hit me like a truck, I got an error. Really, great now I am not going to have a chance to win that beautiful kindle that is saying "win me, win me". Ok so maybe its not really talking, but you get my point. Sure I don't have a giveaway on my site yet but I am just getting the hang of it all. And I do plan to have a Amazon gift card giveaway, once I get a follower or two lol. I do have a question if anyone reads this. Is it appropriate to sponsor a giveaway with the intention of getting followers. Ok maybe a dumb question, but I am sure that is the reason a lot of giveaways are there in the first place. I just wanted to say that I am not ungrateful for all of the great bloggers with their great information and giveaways, its just frustrating to be stuck, and end up having to start dropping bloggers. I know I wouldn't want people to start dropping me for a reason. So In my head I'm cooking up a giveaway that ensures people to say sure you follow me I'll follow you.

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